Client Case Studies

Abby Skidmore: Client Case Study, Deep Dive Video

Clients often come to us—even those with a business degree—with no practical idea on how to put their ideas into action. It’s a common challenge that so many heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and consultants have; they are looking to make a difference in people’s lives but they really don’t know what’s going to work to […]

Joslin Roderick: Client Case Study, Deep Dive Video

I am truly touched and honored to work with some amazing, heart-centered entrepreneurs! I am often so inspired by my clients and their life missions to make the world a better place through the vehicle of their business. One such client is Joslin Roderick. Joslin is the Owner & CEO of World Coffee-World Community™, which sells ethically-sourced […]

Brandon Shulze: Client Case Study, Deep Dive Video

I love working with clients who are committed to continuously healing themselves and bringing that love and healing to their own clients.  One of my amazing clients, Brandon Schulze, is an incredible example of this. Brandon is an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor who started our program when he was moving from Vermont to California so he could […]

Sueanne Campbell: Client Case Study, Deep Dive Video

I love to hear about the incredible achievements my clients have made and about the transformations they make in their businesses and in their lives. Sueanne Campbell, who recently completed our Rapid Client Enrollment program, is one such client.  Sueanne retired from a 30+ year career as a Waldorf school teacher to fulfill her calling as […]