Abby Skidmore: Client Case Study, Deep Dive Video

Clients often come to us—even those with a business degree—with no practical idea on how to put their ideas into action. It’s a common challenge that so many heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and consultants have; they are looking to make a difference in people’s lives but they really don’t know what’s going to work to help them grow their business.

It’s always a pleasure to watch my clients succeed when they fully embrace the tools and strategies that we teach and do the hard work to finally realize results. 

One such client is Abby Skidmore. Abby is a Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Teacher & Yoga Instructor. 

Like many of our clients who are in a service profession, Abby never knew how many clients she would have any given day or week, and she was growing increasingly tired of “chasing money.” As a busy mother and owner of Studio Gratitude, she didn’t have the time or the energy to run around after money. She wanted clients to come TO her instead. 

Before enrolling in our program she was just getting by financially, never knowing what her income would be or if she’d have any clients at all that week! Needless to say, this was the perfect recipe for stress and frustration. She knew she couldn’t continue to live this way. For one, as a healer, she can’t heal or best serve her clients when she herself is stressed, anxious and worried. There were even times when she had to cancel and reschedule clients when she was not feeling her best. 

Abby reached out to our school when she was finally ready “drop” all of the stress and frustration so she could be her best self for her clients and, most importantly, for her daughter. 

We help people create sustainable businesses that support the lives they want to live, and serve more people and make a greater difference.

In our interview we discuss how, with the help of our school, she put her business plan into action, jumped into the sales funnel process with both feet, and when she did, she started booking more personal clients at her home studio than expected!

Watch this video and learn how:

  • Her overall sense of well-being (relationships, emotional, financial) improved.
  • She was able to take her creative ideas to help clients and to make more money and finally realize them.
  • She went from hoping clients would call to being fully booked. She had to start booking massage clients weeks ahead verses day to day. She even had to turn down people!
  • She grew her home studio from 5 personal clients per week to 5 personal clients PER DAY!
  • Freedom from worrying about money gave her space to focus on growing other areas of her business (teaching reiki and yoga) using the tools from the program (sales funnel and signature system).  

Here are a few highlights from our interview:

“I knew for a long time that I have this feeling that I’m just chasing my money. Running here and there and everywhere trying to make money. I really had this idea that I want clients to come to me at my home studio. That’s where I want to be. So I put that out there with this course and I was able to find success in doing that.

“I had a lot of creative ideas flowing and things I could do, things that I want to do, and I wasn’t doing anything, just running around on call at a couple of different spots, on call at my home business. Keeping my fingers-crossed that clients will call, but now I’m booking out. So that’s awesome.

“Agreeing to do the sales funnel that we learned about and just putting my all into that and going for it, that’s when the shift happened. I was getting clients! Way more than expected. I was not used to booking this many people, so I messed up my schedule sometimes! I had to book clients weeks ahead which I’m not used to doing, I’m used to going day by day and maybe I don’t have anybody for days. And now with the sales funnel in full steam ahead I’m booking my days completely up. 

“Before this program I was doing more work at other spas so they aren’t my personal clients, which was a big goal of mine, to gain personal clients at my home, which maybe I had 5 clients a week, and now I could have 5 in a day.

“There are still a lot of goals and things I want to do in my business, but I don’t have to worry so much about making the money to get by, I can worry about other things, like my future and growing my business. 

“I went to college for business (I have a bachelor’s degree) and it does not even compare to what this program has done to help me get ready to really succeed in my business. This class and these courses have helped me come into who I am, stating this is me, this is what I do, this is what I want to do. College didn’t really prep me for that. I learned all about business but a personal coaching, a really heart-centered process, has been amazing for the whole future of my business and not just this one aspect {massage}. I can come back and use what I’ve learned in this program to plan and put into action what I know I need to do.” 

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