Who We Are
& What We Do

Mission, Values & Mindset

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help heart-centered entrepreneurs start and grow profitable small businesses that are in alignment with their life purpose and values, while also making a greater difference in the lives of their clients, their communities, and the world.

Our unique holistic approach incorporates mindfulness-based practices with the law of attraction and cutting-edge business growth strategies that help small business owners realize their full potential in their work and in their lives.  The result is greater freedom, fulfillment, and success for the business owner, and more powerful, life-changing results for their clients.

Core Values & Mindset

We’ve found that adopting the following values and mindset leads to great success and fulfillment for ourselves and our clients:

  • Love: Love is the highest energy.  We strive to love all people, animals, and plants. 
  • Mindfulness:  The present moment is the only moment life can every be lived.  Let’s create the lives and businesses we want, right now.
  • ​Community:  Let’s work together. Like it or not, we are all one, floating on a small blue particle called earth through vast open space.  Success comes when we work as a team and synergize.
  • Authenticity:  The ultimate success and fulfillment comes by living one’s genuine purpose, path, and calling in life.

  • ​Prosperity & Profitability:  Money is a form of energy. Make lots of it so you live the life you want to live, serve more people and make a greater difference.

  • Skillful Means: Specific skills are required to start, build, and market a business that’s not only profitable, but also makes a real difference.  As a community, we help one another strive toward mastery of these necessary skills.
  • Ease & Joy: Life doesn’t have to be hard.  Let’s make everything easy, joyful, and balanced.
  • Deliberate Creation:  The law of attraction (karma) is just that – a law. Harness it’s powerful energy to maintain a positive focus and to create the exact business and life that you want.
  • Positive Focus:  Let’s stay focused on creating the exact businesses and lives we want.

Learn how to make an extra $10k to $100k per month in your coaching, consulting or
education business, all while staying true to your unique passion and calling! 

Is Our Approach Right For You?

You’re in the right place if any of the following apply to you: 

  • You are a heart-centered coach, speaker, educator, consultant, change agent or other entrepreneur who offers your clients a transformational experience that solves a major problem in their lives.
  • ​You are seeking SHORT-TERM methods to ​enroll new clients rapidly and make more money quickly. 
  • ​You want LONG-TERM solutions and systems for enrolling clients and creating sustainable, reliable income doing what you love the most. 
  • ​You are great at what you do, and committed to striving for excellence.
  • ​You are either just starting out, or you're already in business but have been struggling to gain a consistent and sustainable flow of clients and income. 
  • ​You are ready to do the real work of growing your business. 

Learn how to make an extra $10k to $100k per month in your coaching, consulting or
education business, all while staying true to your unique passion and calling! 

Our Team

​Dharma J. Pugliese

​Founder & Presi​dent

My birthname is Jason Pugliese, and my nickname 'Dharma J."  I have 20+ years experience as an entrepreneur, along with 15+ years teaching meditation in a way that will help you turn your unique purpose and calling in life into the form of a profitable and thriving business doing what you love. Since I've helped hundreds of small business owners bring their business (and their lives) to the next level, I know first-hand that the core principles of my teaching system work for anyone who wants to start and/or grow a successful business that makes a difference. I am here to help you combine practical business advice with spiritual principles in a way that will help you reach your full potential in life and in business.

​Grace Bezanson

​Marketing & Content Creation

I have spent the last 15 years helping small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts run their business as a virtual assistant. I love helping clients set up and manage online systems and operations, from digital marketing and content strategy to online course development, and LMS management and administration.

​Tara Keel

​ Creative Director

​A graduate of Grand Valley State University, ​I have been helping businesses with their design needs for nearly 20 years. ​I love creating beautiful designs that my clients are thrilled with, and helping them find success in the career path they have chosen. I have experience in all aspects of design, from logo design, to magazine publication to website design.

​An avid horsewoman and self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, ​​I ​live​ ​in beautiful North Central Florida with ​my husband, two ​daughters, 9 cats, 3 dogs, a horse, a donkey, a ball python, and a pet mouse that was intended to feed the python, but now lives the life of leisure.

​Rachel Smith

​Marketing Director

​Rachel Smith is a certified full stack digital marketer that has spent ten years helping predominantly coaches, consultants and service providers to grow their businesses using effective, predictable and profitable marketing strategies.

Learn how to make an extra $10k to $100k per month in your coaching, consulting or
education business, all while staying true to your unique passion and calling!