Joslin Roderick: Client Case Study, Deep Dive Video

I am truly touched and honored to work with some amazing, heart-centered entrepreneurs!

I am often so inspired by my clients and their life missions to make the world a better place through the vehicle of their business.

One such client is Joslin Roderick. Joslin is the Owner & CEO of World Coffee-World Community™, which sells ethically-sourced coffee beans and promotes concepts of Healthy Global Citizenship©.  

Joslin signed up for our program because she wanted to turn her love of coffee, peace, and social transformation into a thriving coffee business that helps to change the world. Joslin is an amazing example of what happens when you make that soul and holistic connection with yourself and your mission in this world.

Before enrolling in our program, she was in the formative and brain-storming stages of what her business was going to look like. One that fully integrated her life’s purpose of creating world peace. However, she felt helpless in the world of business. She had all these great ideas, had a sense of what she wanted to do, but when she went into implementation mode, she felt challenged, stuck, and completely overwhelmed. She reached out to our school to help her break through this and to move into implementation mode.   

In our interview we discuss how her business was created for the purpose of social transformation and how our school helped her to take it from an idea to implementation.  

Watch this video and learn how:

  • The program gave her the practical steps to build the foundation and scaffolding for her business.
  • She was able to break through her old state of paralysis and overwhelm and move into a state of clarity for implementation and action.
  • Our program’s holistic approach and compassionate support helped her overcome a lack of confidence in herself that she was on the right track and taking the right steps.
  • Being in the program was life-changing, giving her a foundation of strength and belief and actions for going forward in her business.
  • How our program gave her tools to work with and manage entrepreneurial fear, and to make a conscious choice to step into greater joy and positivity every day.
  • She now has a personal blueprint for how to show up in the world, in every aspect of her life.

Here are a few highlights from our interview:

“I had gotten myself into a place of paralysis. There comes that point of implementation where I personally get really stymied and stuck in. The point of reaching out to the Holistic School of Business was to figure out how to break through the place of idea to actual implementation, and the skills that I’ve garnered and learned through this program, and the compassionate support, has been life changing.

“The most valuable part of any program, for me on a personal level, is building the confidence. And when I have somebody like Dharma with compassion and strength and fortitude saying, ‘You can do this, I totally believe in you, and here are the steps, and you need to believe in yourself’ that’s what I’ve always needed to hear. And being in this program gave me a foundation. Build the pieces, learn what you need to learn, and just keep going forward, and that’s what I’m doing.

“At the end of the day, it is belief and action coming together.  When I’m able to come from a place of strength and belief that this is a great path for the world and for myself, when I couple that with action, things shift and things change. It just happens every single time.

“I’ve gone from really hoping that I can get beans in the bag to we’ve got beans in the bag here! We’re about to launch our website for online sales and in-person sales. I’m working heavily on marketing to reach out to the world community about how we want to make change in the world through a cup of coffee.  

“This course helped me to discover that when we step into our beingness of who we want to be in the world, that it feels so much better than suffering, and so it’s making a choice every day to be in that joy state. And being in joy is so much more powerful than being in fear for me.  I’m not able to take the steps that I’ve taken if I’m in fear. It’s just not possible. So every day it’s a choice to be more joyful and optimistic and to step more into my power as who I am in this world.”

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Dharma J Pugliese

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