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Who We Are & What We Do

The Holistic School of Business helps coaches, educators, consultants, healers and other heart-centered service professionals start and/or grow profitable businesses. With over 10 years industry-specific experience, you'll not only receive the business coaching and training you need to be successful, but if you also choose our complete "Business in a Box" solution, we'll develop your brand, your website, and your advertising campaigns.  This means that, within just 3 to 6 months, you'll enjoy a complete online marketing system, created for you, so you can boost your income and lifestyle to an entirely new level. You'll be serving more people, living your passion & purpose more fully, and making a greater difference.  

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Transform Your Financial Struggle into Freedom & Prosperity

Featured Program:

Rapid Client Enrollment is a 3-month training and coaching program that provides a blueprint to grow your heart-centered business by $10k, even $100k, per month in income.

Our Rapid Client Enrollment training program will help you to attract new clients to your business quickly using an effective, scalable client enrollment system. Whether used as a stand-alone training, or as a complement our marking services, it’s ideal for heart-centered service professionals who are committed to living their life purpose through skillful and compassionate service to others.

We’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to package and price HIGH-END offers so you can start to make $2,500+ per new client enrollment, followed by the detailed sales and marketing plan you need to build the foundation for lasting success in your business. In our RCE program, you'll learn to adopt a success mindset so that you can consistently enroll high-paying clients in your services. It features over 9 hours of detailed video lessons, transcripts, worksheets, and optional business coaching as an add-on, all of which will accelerate the success of your small business or private practice. The program integrates the Holistic School of Business’ holistic and mindful approach with real-world business skills vital for your success.

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Fulfill Your Potential In Your Business, and In Your Life.

After being in business for 2 years, I had my first 5-figure month after being in this program for just 2 months!  I have turned the curve and now know how to approach my sales calls with confidence. It doesn’t at all feel like a one-time thing.  It’s more like, ‘ah yes, now I’ve got it!’ This feels AMAZING!” 

Denise Tilley, Brand Identity Coach

When I first started this program, within two months I started getting 5 new paying clients per week.  And they were paying what I was asking them to pay. Because of the increase in confidence that this created for me, I am also getting great results in my work with clients. The elevated results came when the clients paid more, which boosted their commitment to healing.

Sueanne Campbel, Energy Healer

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Finally, a Holistic and Mindful Approach to Grow Your Business That Really Works (Even if You Hate Sales & Marketing).