Jason Frishman: Client Case Study, Deep Dive Video

You’ve got dreams right? We all do. I know I do.

We all have ideas, dreams, big and small, that we carry with us. Sometimes they are short-lived and fade away to rarely be thought of again. But some dreams don’t go away. We carry them around with us for years, even decades, waiting for us to take action on them . . .  someday . . . one day.

These kinds of lifelong dreams usually stay with us because they are in alignment with our life purpose. Which is why they are so hard to ignore―no matter how hard we try and push them down!

What lifelong dream are you holding on to?

I want to introduce you to Dr. Jason Frishman. Take a second to hear what he has to say and see if it rings any bells for you . . .

Dr. Frishman is a Licensed Psychologist who had been cultivating an idea, a dream, for decades, decades! before enrolling our Rapid Client Enrollment program.

Quite simply, he didn’t know how to take his unique life’s calling and passion and turn it into the profitable business he dreamt about.

Can you relate?

By the time Dr. Frishman came to us, he was stuck. As he put it, “I felt like my bags were packed, but I didn’t know where to go.”  He didn’t know how to take his ideas and turn it into a business of his own that was viable and different from his usual fee-per-session client work. Our program helped him create a viable business model out of his lifelong passion, and it even helped him get better results in his work with his clients. All within months of enrolling.

In this video, Dr. Frishman describes how our program benefited virtually every aspect of his life.  You’ll learn:

  • How the program impacted the way he does therapy, giving him the courage and confidence to step forward and use his own system.
  • How he found new ways to relate to his clients, going deeper гидра in their work.  
  • How the program helped him be more intentional, focused, and clear.  
  • How he got clear about his target market and niche, and designed a high-end signature program.
  • How our program has allowed him to finally live the program that he developed in his own life!  

Here are a few highlights from our interview:

“I had something I wanted to bring to the world.  I had something that I think―I know―can be immensely helpful.  I’ve seen it with my clients. I’ve seen it with my friends. And I wasn’t able to find a way to, both, get it out there, and secondly, equally important, make a living at it.

“Work with my clients has skyrocketed. It’s like we are going places and reaching places with client work that has been deeper and more forward-moving than I’ve had in years.  

“And then personally, I’ve really adopted a very different lifestyle. I’m committed to using the program and the system that I have created for myself.  I’m committed to talking about it with other people as much as they would like, but it’s kind of who I am.

“I really feel like it [the RCE program] has been transformative in a way that you can show up―in the language of narrative therapy―as my most preferred self, and really, I appreciate it and I’m very grateful . . . I know the path and I have a map to get there and I’m on it.”

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Dharma J Pugliese

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