Erik Kolomaznik: Client Case Study, Deep Dive Video

If you’re a heart-centered entrepreneur working in a traditional service industry it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the status quo. When the people you meet already have preconceived ideas about what it is you do, it can be really difficult to clearly communicate what it is you do and how it is different from everyone else.

This was one of the major obstacles Erik Kolomaznik was up against. As a holistic financial services consultant, he struggled with being so unique that he didn’t know how to scale his business. Because so much of his industry has been branded, potential clients had certain meanings associated with terms like “financial plan” already.  It was challenging to break into people’s awareness and show them that there are other ways of thinking.

In his interview with me, Erik describes how he felt bottlenecked because his language was not laser-focused, effective, or as crystallized as it needed to be. He was struggling to communicate and market his unique services. But, by doing the work in our Rapid Client Enrollment program, he has accelerated the success of his business and is now on track to double or even triple his revenue in 2019!

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How he learned to communicate his unique, holistic approach within a traditional service industry.
  • How he is fine-tuning the educational, coaching process he takes his clients through and looking at new ways to scale his business.
  • How the program accelerated his learning curve and helped to prevent a lot of trial and error.
  • How the program got him thinking about so much more than just his business, but about who he is, what he’s doing, and why he’s doing it; as a result, now he has far less doubt and a lot more confidence.

To read the .pdf transcript of this

Case Study interview, simply press

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Here are a few highlights from our interview:

“As I am going through the program, the exercises are so helpful…the homework is actual work, the proper balance between inner work and business work.  I’ve found the inner work to be lacking in other training programs that I’ve done; they never really got into the self-reflection and the self-defining, and what happens when you look at the whole picture.  

“The new relationships and business development that came while I was doing the program and applying the exercises in the program has put me on track to forecast that I may double or even triple my revenue by the end of the year.”

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