Greetings from Dharma J Pugliese

While many coaches, consultants, speakers, healers and other heart-centered entrepreneurs are doing some of the most important work on the planet right now, the unfortunate fact is that most of these professionals experience significant financial struggle. This can lead to gut-wrenching stress, fleeting results with clients, poor health, and strained relationships.  If any of this sounds […]

Transform Fear into Self-Confidence: 4 Essential Mindset Shifts for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

When you’re struggling to grow your business, it is often a reflection of a deeper, internal lack of confidence. And a lack of confidence has a very intimate relationship with fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone.  It’s not like successful people don’t have issues with confidence and never experience fear. The difference is all […]

How Spiritual Coaches Make Money

Many of our clients integrate their spiritual practice with their business. When you mingle spiritual teachings with business, there will be times when you need to address how others perceive you as a “spiritual person” and how that relates to you charging (or not) for your services.  There is a common misconception out there that to […]

Is Perfect Holding You Back?

If there’s one thing holding back many of our clients it’s the trap of “perfect.” While there is nothing wrong with striving to improve your services or your high-end program, chasing after perfect is a race you cannot win. Perfection is an illusion. It simply does not exist.  You have a full plate running your own business (or […]

How Single Sessions Hurt Your Business (and What to Do About It)

If you’re a healer, a coach, consultant, educator or other heart-centered service professional who typically works with clients who are suffering and in a vulnerable state when they reach out to you for help, you may hesitate to offer them your high-end, high-ticket program (i.e., where you offer your deeper transformation) because:It feels too “salesy” […]

Do Clients Chase You?

After years of fruitless and exhausting networking, asking friends and friends of friends for referrals, and wasting your precious time trying out the latest marketing trends, the idea of having clients chasing after you might sound crazy (and impossible)! I know what you’re thinking, “Sure, if I were best-selling author, or had 15K Instagram followers, then […]

The Power of Absolute Clarity

If there is one thing that the most successful coaches have in common it’s that they are crystal clear on who they serve and what they offer. They have absolute clarity! This is also known as your target market (who you serve, your IDEAL client) and niche (the transformation that you offer).  Having absolute clarity is the […]