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Founded by Dharma J Pugliese in 2008, The Holistic School of Business helps professional, heart-centered entrepreneurs to start, market and grow healthy and profitable businesses.   In addition to the practical business-building strategies to help you grow your business,  you'll also learn how to transform any old, self-limiting beliefs that could be holding back you back so you can reach your full potential as a coach.

This means that you'll live a happier, healthier life as you attract more clients, make more more money, and make a greater difference in the world.  

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Transform Financial Struggle into Freedom & Prosperity

Featured Program:

Our Coaching Business Accelerator provides the coaching, training and community you need to grow a successful coaching business.

Ideal for new and existing coaches, our Coaching Business Accelerator is an affordable yet personalized coaching and training program that provides everything  you need to launch or scale your coaching business, including:

* A FULL YEAR of live coaching, a 

* A complete online training program featuring over 15 hours of business and marketing lessons lessons for coaches.

* The support of our heart-centered community committed to your success. 

In addition to the tried and true business growth strategies for coaches that you'll learn, most of our clients also report powerful internal breakthroughs as well. In fact, our programs also feature important modules to help you transform old beliefs surrounding money, success, lack and worthiness into prosperity, joy, freedom, confidence and fulfillment.  So you'll not only grow your business, but you'll also have the opportunity grow yourself.

Fulfill Your Potential In Your Business, and In Your Life.

After being in business for 2 years, I had my first 5-figure month after being in this program for just 2 months!  I have turned the curve and now know how to approach my sales calls with confidence. It doesn’t at all feel like a one-time thing.  It’s more like, ‘ah yes, now I’ve got it!’ This feels AMAZING!”

Denise Tilley, Brand Identity Coach

I started making $4000 per week within a few months after working one-on-one with Dharma J.

Kelly Miller, Parenting Coach

When I first started this program, within two months I started getting 5 new paying clients per week. And they were paying what I was asking them to pay. Because of the increase in confidence that this created for me, I am also getting great results in my work with clients. The elevated results came when the clients paid more, which boosted their commitment to healing.

Sueanne Campbell, Energy Healer

Finally, a Holistic and Mindful Approach to Grow Your Business That Really Works (Even if You Hate Sales & Marketing).