Why I Meditate

I believe that self-care is the most important ingredient to a happy and fulfilled life. Further, my favorite self-care practice is meditation.

My meditation practice has changed my life. Similarly, a regular meditation practice has the potential to change your entire life, which of course includes your business.

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh constantly reminds us that, “The present moment is the only moment life can be lived.” When we meditate, we practice living fully in the present moment. Specifically, we are mindful.

And when we are fully present, or mindful, all of the joys and wonders of life become available, and we are able to transform ourselves in profound ways. We are able to take quantum leaps that change not only our business, but our lives.

Why DO YOU meditate?

If you haven’t made meditation a regular part of you daily habits, or are not yet convinced how meditation can help you and your business, then keep reading!

Here are my top #7 reasons to make meditation a part of your lifestyle (and you can reap these benefits even if you’re a beginner!):

#1 Increases Focus and Self-Discipline

The larger your to-do list, the more you need to be able to focus on specific tasks and not deviate from those tasks! Meditation helps you to train your mind to concentrate and focus on a single point of attention (your breath, for example).

To be successful in business, you need self-discipline and focus. The more self-discipline and focus you have, the more successful you’ll be, and the more money you’ll make in business.

#2 Reduces Stress and Anxiety

We can’t avoid all stress and all anxiety in life (unfortunately), but meditation can reduce it and make the remainder easier to deal with.

It’s much harder to enjoy life and get stuff done when you are in a state of overwhelm. If you’re anything like me, the more overwhelmed you feel the more mistakes you make and the harder it is for you to communicate. It’s like my brain literally starts to shut down!

Meditation helps me to focus and stay present.

#3 Increases Self-Awareness

As you transform your consciousness, meditation helps you to view your life in new and expanded ways. As your awareness expands, you feel more joyful, fulfilled, and connected.

#4 Increases Emotional Stability and Reduces Negative Thoughts

Meditation helps you to discern between positive problem-solving thoughts from those that are unproductive worries, and negative and distracting thoughts.

It helps you to recognize “Oh, there’s that thought again,” and to know that the thought is NOT YOU.

If you deal with chronic stress and anxiety to the point where you lose sleep and your health suffers, then meditation can help you take back some control.

#5 Increases Memory and Helps to You Think More Clearly

Research has found that meditation stimulates areas of the brain associated with memory, concentration and learning.

The ability to process and learn new information, and recall that knowledge when needed, is vital for the entrepreneur.

#6 Gets You In Touch With Your Intuition

When you calm the incessantly thinking mind, you are able to access new levels of intuition. The answers you need are always within you, and meditation allows you to tap into this source of limitless wisdom.

#7 Increases Your Ability to Empathize with Others

This one is super important for coaches, healers, and educators! Meditation can help you build better rapport with people, see from another’s point of view, and deepen your sense of compassion.

Of course all of the above is a simplification of the many benefits of a regular meditation practice, and there are many more. Bottom line is that meditation changes lives, so why not take a few breaths and nourish yourself with some meditation right now?

Grow Your Business With a Holistic & Mindful Approach!

Dharma J Pugliese

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