Transform Fear into Self-Confidence: 4 Essential Mindset Shifts for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

When you’re struggling to grow your business, it is often a reflection of a deeper, internal lack of confidence. And a lack of confidence has a very intimate relationship with fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone. 

It’s not like successful people don’t have issues with confidence and never experience fear. The difference is all in their mindset. They don’t let those personal limitations and fears stop them. Heck, some probably even find it motivating when they come face-to-face with the fear.

In order to grow the business of your dreams, it’s important to push yourself beyond the boundaries of comfort and to internalize the belief that you’re capable of far more than you think.

Here are 4 Essential Mindset Shifts for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs to Transform Fear into Self-Confidence:
1. Remember your purpose, your mission, your vision, and your “why.”

The more deeply you are able to connect to your purpose, your mission, your vision, and your why, the more willing you’ll be to do the uncomfortable things that contribute to your success.

2. Be transformation-focused

By this I mean not only to stay focused on the individual transformational experience that you offer, but on the larger impact your work has on the world. The more you make your mission about others, the more you’ll be inspired to take action.

  • What is the positive impact of achieving the success you imagine, for yourself and others? Conversely, what is the negative impact if you do not? 
  • What is your mission? What legacy do you want to leave behind?
3. Love what you do

They say that if you love what you do, it will feel less like work. Love is the highest energy. The ultimate success and fulfillment comes by living one’s genuine purpose, path, and calling in life. This doesn’t mean it’s always easy, but always come back to your purpose, your mission, your vision, and your why!

4. Stay in the present moment

The present moment is the only moment life can ever be lived. Successful people definitely set future goals, but they have a “now” mentality.

  • What have you been putting off because it’s outside of your comfort zone? Can you start it today?
  • How can you make a difference today?
  • Promise yourself that the next time you are tempted to put something off because it’s scary, you will do it anyway and do it now.

At the Holistic School of Business, we help our clients transform their fears into self-confidence so that they can step fully into their highest potential.  At the same time, we provide a step-by-step training that provides precise instructions for you to grow your heart-centered business to the next level.

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Dharma J Pugliese

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