The Secret To Happiness

The secret to happiness is not to focus on the infamous pursuit of happiness. Instead, focus on creating a life around your key values!

Personally, for me, this centers around (in no particular order):

  • Freedom
  • Contribution (doing work that matters, making the world a better place)
  • Community (time with my loved ones, my “tribe” )
  • Time for myself (yoga, meditation etc.,)
  • Health (quality food, fresh air etc.,)

And, income.

Yes, income!

Let me explain.

What I really mean here is what a steady stream of money can bring to my life; not the money itself, but what it can do.

Money can actually help to fuel all of the other above values I listed. It allows me to live a life that is more closely aligned to my values. If I didn’t have a steady source of income, I would be trapped in a scarcity mindset.

Money can buy happiness IF (and it’s a big if) you spend it and use it wisely, mindfully. Generally this means according to your values.

Here’s the thing… We’re often taught that money is the source of all evil. But let’s look at the reality:

Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man in the world, and in 2017 he donated $2BN to charity.

Bill and Melinda Gates donated $4.8BN.

I could go on and on, but the facts speak for themselves—in many cases, the richest people in the world are also the biggest philanthropists.

If contribution is your priority, your ability to contribute is directly related to your wealth.

If you don’t have any money, you cannot donate money.

If you need to work 80 hours per week, you cannot volunteer.

Warren Buffett, despite being worth over $80BN, is well-known for living a simple life. He still lives in the house he bought in 1951 for $31,500. He buys a car every 10 years because, in his words, “I only drive around 3,500 miles per year.” He has also given away $46BN in the last 19 years.

Wealth does not need to equal ostentatious choices; it does, however, equal opportunity.

The opportunity to make choices. Choices for yourself, for your family, and for anything and everything you care about.

If you 10X’d your income, what would you do with it? What difference would you make?

Fulfill Your Potential In Your Business, and In Your Life.

Dharma J Pugliese

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