The Power of Absolute Clarity

If there is one thing that the most successful coaches have in common it’s that they are crystal clear on who they serve and what they offer. They have absolute clarity!

This is also known as your target market (who you serve, your IDEAL client) and niche (the transformation that you offer). 

Having absolute clarity is the opposite of tailoring your services to fit just about anyone. It’s the opposite of “But EVERYONE could benefit from my services!” (If this is you, I applaud your enthusiasm, and sure, it would be great if you could serve everyone, but it’s not realistic!) 

When you have absolute clarity you will be better able to HEAR whom you feel a deep, intuitive calling to serve and help. And they, in turn, HEAR you when you share with them how you can help.

I understand, in the moment you might be scared to be turn down business, whether you are the ideal person to help them or not. The harsh reality is that offering to help them even with the best of intentions is doing them, and yourself, a disservice. If prospects are not your ideal clients, if they are not exactly the right fit for you and your program, then the most compassionate thing you can do to serve them is to refer them to a trusted partner or point them in the right direction.

Think about it this way, every time you accept a client who is not a perfect fit, you dilute your message and your value. They may not be able to receive your full transformation, and you will likely drain yourself in the process trying to help them.

The flipside to this is that when you do speak to an ideal client and you are truly the person to help them, then the most compassionate thing you can do is to show them that you are the person to serve them and enroll them in your high-end program.

When you put your customers first by focusing on specific solutions to their specific problem, and you are able to articulate who they are and how you can help them, you are doing an act of kindness that will transform your business from the inside out.

“I had something I wanted to bring to the world.  I had something that I think―I know―can be immensely helpful.  Even at this moment, I want to say my target market is, well, everyone! But I know that’s not true. So I am targeting who I really believe will benefit, the group of people whom I enjoy spending time with, whom I spend a lot of time thinking about, and whom I think this type of work can be incredibly powerful.  Work with my clients has skyrocketed. It’s like we are going places and reaching places with client work that has been deeper and more forward-moving than I’ve had in years.”

– Dr. Jason Frishman, Licensed Psychologist

If you don’t have a clearly defined target market and niche, you’re likely feeling the pain and frustration of knowing that you have a calling that will leave your mark in the world but not being able to articulate your message and to reach your ideal clients

The good news is there is help. The Rapid Client Enrollment Program will help you gain that absolute clarity with life-changing strategies that show you how to compassionately reach and serve your ideal clients. 

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Dharma J Pugliese

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