Is Perfect Holding You Back?

If there’s one thing holding back many of our clients it’s the trap of “perfect.”

While there is nothing wrong with striving to improve your services or your high-end program, chasing after perfect is a race you cannot win.

Perfection is an illusion. It simply does not exist. 

You have a full plate running your own business (or trying to start one). There comes a time when you just have to go for it. Whether that’s launching a new website, networking to find your first clients, or finally offering your high-end program.

Here’s one of my favorite all-time quotes on this topic:

“Focus on completion, not perfection.”
~Lisa Sasevich

Let’s be clear, I am not giving you an excuse to be sloppy with your work. But I am asking you to find that balance between being incomplete and perfect. It’s called “good enough.”

Everything you do in your business, from refining your niche to how you package your services will go through at least a few different stages of development. The level of “perfection” varies along the different stages. 

It’s important to set smaller, doable goals that define each stage of development. And when you reach those goals, consider that stage complete. Then you can move on to the next stage. 

But here’s the thing, you CAN release and/or sell a work in progress, right from the first stage.

A good enough launch is infinitely better than no launch at all. 

And you can launch again and again–and you’ll do it better and better each time. 

At the beginning you need to focus on getting it (your website, your program etc.,) out the door and your first clients coming in. At later stages, you can focus on fine-tuning as you gain greater clarity, knowledge, and experience.  

I see this problem with “perfection” frequently with my clients who are deep in the important work of developing their high-end program for their clients.

The kind of program that allows them to confidently (and without guilt) charge $2,500 – $10,000 or more per client.

Invariably, clients fall into one of two camps: 

The first camp is the indecisive type who spends years floundering in indecisiveness over their high-end program, and, as a result, their business stays stuck and they stay stuck in their lives. They serve fewer people. They make less money.

Then there’s the second camp, the decisive types; people who take action and make decisions. They’re willing to take a risk. 

Here’s the thing, your high-end program will not come out perfect the very first time, and that’s okay because you can improve as you move along. 

The issue with striving for perfection is that many people end up hiding behind it. It’s a form of protection. As long as you can keep telling yourself “it’s not ready” the longer you can put off putting yourself out there and avoid criticism, mistakes, and failure.

At the Holistic School of Business, we teach our clients to be compassionate with themselves and their imperfections. We teach a formula for creating your first high-end program, urging you to start small and to build it as you go, to just get it out there, and to learn from your first clients how you can better package and price you this program, and improve your sales and marketing. The beautiful thing about adopting this mindset is embracing the belief that criticism, mistakes, and failures are actually very important teaching tools that will help you achieve greater success in your business.

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Dharma J Pugliese

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