How Single Sessions Hurt Your Business (and What to Do About It)

If you’re a healer, a coach, consultant, educator or other heart-centered service professional who typically works with clients who are suffering and in a vulnerable state when they reach out to you for help, you may hesitate to offer them your high-end, high-ticket program (i.e., where you offer your deeper transformation) because:

  • It feels too “salesy” when someone is clearly in pain
  • You might be afraid of losing their respect
  • You’re worried you might be taking advantage of them

So what do you do instead of inviting these clients to your high-end offer? Do you instead enroll the client into a single session? Maybe a smaller 4-session package? 

But ask yourself, does the work that you do, the deeper transformation that you are able to provide, is it REALLY doable in 1 session or even 4 sessions? You know in your heart that is takes longer than that for your clients to create a real, lasting change and to achieve the results that they’re after. 

When you offer single sessions over your high-end program, you hurt your business in a few different ways:

    1. If you sell them 1 – 4 sessions the client will think and assume that you can offer the results in those 1 – 4 sessions. One of the main reasons client’s leave is because they don’t feel or see the results they expected. The client will think it’s your work that wasn’t effective and not because the work simply needs more time.
    2. You dilute your message and your value. For example, clients who don’t achieve results won’t recommend you to others or become testimonials for your work. 
    3. Your business will be less stable. It takes an investment of your time and energy to nurture a prospect into a client. Each time a client doesn’t stick around past 4 sessions, you have to start over again. If you need 10 clients per month to stay in business, it’s going to be a lot of work if you need to keep replacing even half of them each and every month.

If you put in your time and energy to help the client in those 4 sessions, only to have them disappear, how does that make you feel? You need to set honest and realistic expectations for clients about what it really takes to get help and facilitate deeper transformations.                

Respect yourself, your work, and your client by compassionately enrolling them into your deeper transformational high-end program. Let the potential client know how much work it will take for them to achieve the results they are hoping for. Remember, people don’t buy coaching sessions, they buy solutions. 

At the Holistic School of Business, we teach our clients how to transition away from charging “dollars for hours” and instead how to package and price HIGH-END offers so that they can support their clients through real and sustainable transformational processes.  

So, instead of making  $75 or $100 or even $150 a session, your client will show up and make the REAL investment in themselves that’s required for lasting change, whether that’s $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000 or more. The money they pay you will provide the resources you need to provide the world-class service that sees them all the way through to the transformational results they hired you for.

To learn more about how to transition from “dollars for hours” to earning a higher, more sustainable income while helping your clients in a much bigger way, then please be sure to attend our FREE “Ultimate Abundance” training.

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Dharma J Pugliese

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