Harness the Law of Attraction to Transform Old Beliefs That No Longer Serve You

Last Monday I posted a blog that talked about how to transform old belief systems by first Recognizing the Old Belief System and bringing awareness to it.

Now that you’ve recognized your old belief system, this blog post will look at how to transform it by bringing it to your spiritual practice. In particular, we urge you to harness the Law of Attraction.

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Transform Old Beliefs That No Longer Serve You

There are three steps in the Law of Attraction process.

1. Ask For What You Want (the “T” Exercise)

I recommend asking for what you want as part of your regular meditation, prayer,  and visualization practice. This is where you gather your own resources to focus on the life you really want to create for yourself.

There are many ways to do this. An exercise that has worked for me, which I also recommend to our clients, is to start by drawing a “T” on a piece of paper.

For the Left-Side of the T, write the Header, “Thoughts Rooted in Old Belief Systems (a.k.a. ‘Gremlins’). Here, in the left side column, is where you will list all your old thoughts/beliefs (such as the ones that you wrote down last week).

On the Right-Side of the T, write the Header, “New Thoughts and New Belief Systems.” This is the column where you will write down whatever you want to use to replace the old belief that you wrote in the left column. So for each old believe that you have regarding money on your list, go ahead and replace it with a new belief that supports you.

For example, if you believe “No one will ever pay me premium prices for my services,” then, in the right-hand side, write something like “My clients are thrilled to pay me premium prices for my services because of the powerful transformation that happens in their lives when they work with me.”

Or, change “I am not worthy of success,” to “I deserve to be happy and fulfilled in my life. It’s by birthright.”

Then, as you are going through your day, whenever you notice any other self-limiting thoughts come up, write them down in the left column as well;  then, write down the replacement thought in the right hand column.

In the right hand column, you will see a growing list of all the new thinking patterns you are creating for yourself.  Then, it’s necessary to trust or believe you can have what you want.

2. Trust

Step 2 of the process of conscious creation with the Law of Attraction is to trust. Trusting that you can have what you want is the hardest step, because this is when all those old thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve you come up.

One practice I find particularly helpful is to visualize your old belief systems as knots that are tangled up inside of you, knots that block the flow of energy.  Then visualize these knots almost magically untangling themselves, one by one. And, as you breathe into them, they untangle themselves and are released back to the Universe. Before engaging in this visualization, it’s helpful to meditate for at least 3-5 minutes.

TRUST that these old beliefs that have kept you knotted up inside no longer exist.

Visualize success. Visualize your life without these negative belief systems!

How would your life be different if you truly believed: “I am manifesting success and abundance as I transform my life and my business”?

Imagine your consciousness being fully immersed in all of this positive energy. Imagine all these new beliefs coming into your life and filling your consciousness.

By doing the practice as described above, you will begin to let go of the resistance and move into trust and surrender, which is an important step toward transforming your mindset.

What you write down in the right-hand column on your “T” can be used as mantras/affirmations in your spiritual practice.

This is how you can transform those old beliefs regarding money and sales (or anything else for that matter) into new beliefs that serve you better.

3. Receive

You’ve now asked for/visualized what you want, and you’re actively working on your beliefs and letting the old one’s go. Now it’s time to receive! Receive what you have been manifesting. Celebrate. Know that you deserve it!

Allow it to happen. Trust that you can have that success, whatever that looks like to you (more clients, more money, and deeper transformations for your client), and clients will show up.

When you make the Law of Attraction a regular part of your life, you can step powerfully into your fullest potential as you transform those pesky, self-limiting beliefs and create the exact life that you want!  

Fulfill Your Potential In Your Business, and In Your Life.

Dharma J Pugliese

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