Do Clients Chase You?

After years of fruitless and exhausting networking, asking friends and friends of friends for referrals, and wasting your precious time trying out the latest marketing trends, the idea of having clients chasing after you might sound crazy (and impossible)!

I know what you’re thinking, “Sure, if I were best-selling author, or had 15K Instagram followers, then of course clients would chase me!”

But you don’t have to be “insta-famous” in order to go from selling a few low-end programs here and there, or trading dollars for hours, to having an endless stream of clients willing to pay for your high-end program.

Picture this:

You wake up every day and between your current client bookings you have hot prospects booked and waiting to speak to you about your high-end program, and you haven’t even finished your morning coffee … You are stress free knowing that you have as many clients as you want coming in, and a growth strategy that helps even more people and makes an even greater difference in their lives. 

This can happen when you create a fully automated lead- and client-generation system.

It’s not magic. No, no, it’s a sales and marketing system that produces consistent and reliable income in our business, so you can live a stress-free life and have more time for the people and things you love the most!

In our free “Ultimate Abundance” training, I’m going to show you how to create and use a very powerful sales and marketing machine that will enroll people quickly into your high-end program. In fact, in the training, I’ll be showing you exactly how to create the system that can generate $10,000 to $100,000 per month or more in your business! Watching this training will significantly enhance your success on a long-term basis.

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Abby Skidmore (Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Teacher & Yoga Instructor), learned just how powerful the sales funnel can be when she finally embraced it in her business:

“I knew for a long time that I’m just chasing my money. Running here and there and everywhere trying to make money. I had this idea that I wanted clients to come to me at my home studio. Agreeing to do the sales funnel that we learned about and just putting my all into that and going for it, that’s when the shift happened. I was getting clients! Way more than expected. I went from booking 5 personal clients per week to 5 personal clients PER DAY! I was not used to booking this many people, so I messed up my schedule sometimes! I had to book clients weeks ahead which I’m not used to doing; I’m used to going day by day and maybe I don’t have anybody for days. And now with the sales funnel in full steam ahead I’m booking my days completely up.”

If you want to discover the powerful “magic” of your very own sales funnel, watch our FREE Training:


Dharma J Pugliese

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