Dharma J Pugliese

I’m an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, author, and educator who lives in Montpelier, Vermont. I’m passionate about helping Vermonters build thriving businesses that make a difference.

Dharma J Pugliese

Hi, I’m an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and educator. I'm also the Founder of The Holistic School of Business. I’m passionate about helping Vermonters build thriving businesses that make a difference.

I have 20+ years experience as an entrepreneur, along with 15+ years teaching meditation in a way that will help you turn your unique purpose and calling in life into the form of a profitable and thriving business doing what you love. Since I've helped hundreds of small business owners bring their business (and their lives) to the next level, I know first-hand that the core principles of my teaching system work for anyone who wants to start and/or grow a successful business that makes a difference. I am here to help you combine practical business advice with spiritual principles in a way that will help you reach your full potential in life and in business.

Certifications, Training, and Education

  • Bryant University Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Concentration in Accounting, Dean's List, 1996; recognized as one of the top three business specialty schools in the United States
  • University of Vermont Business Coaching Certificate, 2007
  • Coach For Life Life Coaching Certification, 2008
  • E-Myth Online Training Certification in E-myth Embark; small business development method created by Michael Gerber, Inc. Magazine's "#1 global business guru"

Ages 12-20 My journey as an entrepreneur began in 1985.  I was in the sixth grade at Halliwell Elementary School in North Smithfield, Rhode Island.  Our teacher, Mrs. Plant - a plump and jolly middle aged women - decided to organize our classroom like a small town. I decided to open up shop and start selling candy and soda to my classmates every day. I was successful and came home with a pocket full of money.

At that young age I started to feel the early phases of the proverbial "entrepreneurial itch".  This urge elicits the same response as a fly landing on my head. I'm not just going to sit there, I'm going to do something about it.  I'm going to move, swat, scratch ... something!

I feel an inner drive to express myself fully through my work and to make a difference in the world at the same time.  This itch spurred my entrepreneurial spirit throughout high school and into college. I founded a small fund-raising company to help local nonprofits and started a disc jockey service for weddings and school dances.

Age 20-30 After I graduated from Bryant University in 1996 with my business degree,  I followed my entrepreneurial itch across the USA, visiting 37 states with a my start-up concessions company.  We set up our trailer and tents at festivals and fairs accross the United States on the weekends and frequented the local national parks during the week.

By 1998, when I settled in Colorado, I operated this food concession business at local summer events.  I spent the colder months working as a bookkeeper and tax accountant and the warmer months growing the food venture.  I recall one three-day weekend where we grossed over $40,000!

Age 30 - Present In early April 2003, after spending a four-month sabbatical on the Island of Kauaii in Hawaii with my then life-partner, I moved to Montpelier, Vermont.  Within two months we discovered we would be having a baby, so I started a new business called Mindful Bookkeeping and Tax Services.  The company was an immediate success.  Within three years, I was managing a busy office with 5 staff members who serviced small business clients throughout Vermont.

In 2007, inspired by a deeper calling, I sold Mindful Bookkeeping and Tax Services and transitioned into my work as a business coach.  The success of the company offered me ample resources to purchase and renovate a four-family apartment house in Montpelier. I currently live here with my son.

Since 2007, I've been helping business owners from around the USA to follow their "entrepreneurial itch" and make great leaps into uncharted territories of business development.

I am committed to learning everything I can about small business success.  I've had the opportunity to dive deeply into the teachings of some amazing small business gurus, including: Michael Gerber, Michael Port, Milana Leshinski, Mark Silver, and Kendall Summerhawk.

I'm also deeply devoted to learning everything possible about yoga and meditation.  I have studied extensively with various mindfulness meditation teachers in both the Zen and Tibetan traditions.  I have also studied with instructors of Anusara and Hatha yoga.

And, now, I have crystallized my education and experience into one comprehensive system, which is specifically designed to help you thrive in small business.

You might also like to know that every time I look deeply into my son's eyes - or the eyes of any child for that matter - I feel even more committed and motivated to help create change in the world.  My child - our children - need us to rise to the occasion and do whatever it takes to create a promising future for them and for the rest of humanity.

When I am not thinking about the state of humankind, I like to spend my free time writing, playing music, camping, hiking, hanging out with friends, practicing yoga & meditation, and consciously cultivating joy in my life!

Thanks for reading my bio.  Please be sure to call or email me directly if you have any questions about the Holistic School of Business or any of our programs.  I hope that we have a chance to work together!

With Gratitude,

Jason Pugliese
Small Business Mentor & Practice-Building Coach

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