Niche Market Strategy

Your Target Market & Niche: What’s the Difference & Why It Matters So Much

Watch this important video to help you clarify your target market and niche so you can attract more clients, make more money, and have a bigger impact in the world through your life’s work.  Clarity regarding your target market and niche forms the very foundation for long- term success in your heart-centered business. If you […]

How Spiritual Coaches Make Money

Many of our clients integrate their spiritual practice with their business. When you mingle spiritual teachings with business, there will be times when you need to address how others perceive you as a “spiritual person” and how that relates to you charging (or not) for your services.  There is a common misconception out there that to […]

The Power of Absolute Clarity

If there is one thing that the most successful coaches have in common it’s that they are crystal clear on who they serve and what they offer. They have absolute clarity! This is also known as your target market (who you serve, your IDEAL client) and niche (the transformation that you offer).  Having absolute clarity is the […]