How to Get Clients

Do Clients Chase You?

After years of fruitless and exhausting networking, asking friends and friends of friends for referrals, and wasting your precious time trying out the latest marketing trends, the idea of having clients chasing after you might sound crazy (and impossible)! I know what you’re thinking, “Sure, if I were best-selling author, or had 15K Instagram followers, then […]

How Much Are You Making Per Client?

Are you earning $2,500 to $10,000 or more for every new client you enroll? I know what you may be thinking, how can I possibly charge $2,500 – $10,000 or more per client? If you offer an amazing transformational experience that gets incredible results for your clients, then, yes, you can charge $2,500 – $10,000 or more […]

Can You Really Charge $2,500+ Per Client?

Can you really charge $2,500 – $5,000 or more per client? My honest answer: I don’t know.  That’s the truth. What I DO know is that it all depends on one thing: the best OUTCOME you provide for your clients. You know what I am talking about. We are talking about real RESULTS, real TRANSFORMATIONS for your clients…a […]

Ten Strategies To Grow Your Business Without Spending A Penny

As a business owner, if you want to make more money you need to grow your business. However, if you want to grow your business, you usually need more money! Just one of many frustrating conundrums about running a business. Here at the Holistic School of Business, we’ve compiled a list of ten strategies you can implement […]