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Being, Doing and Life Purpose, Part 2: Using Skillful Means to Reach Your Clients and Make a Greater Difference in the World

In this video we look at how to bridge the Beingness and Doingness of life in the form of a successful and profitable business. When we do this we are essentially extending ourselves out for the benefit of others. This is why we are coaches, healers, change agents, and heart-centered entrepreneurs who want make a difference…

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Being, Doing and Life Purpose, Part 1: My Favorite Eckhart Tolle Quote & the Purpose of Our School

In this video blog post we look at the inspiring topic of Being, Doing and Life Purpose and how it relates to the purpose of our school, The Holistic School of Business. When we are mindful of both the Beingness and Doingness of life then we can make remarkable changes in our own life and…

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Walking in Heaven on Earth and Your Business Refuge

Do you need an oasis, a place that you can come back to and take refuge? A place where you can come back home to your True Self? In this video blog post, I talk about how all the wisdom teachings share a commonality in that heaven on earth is available. Benefit from a FREE…

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Four Simple Mindfulness Practices to Weave into Everything You Do (Including Your Business)

In this video blog post, we will explore four mindfulness practices that you can weave into everything that do, including in your business. The journey of entrepreneurship can often be fraught with stress, fear, and overwhelm. These four practices will help you to be fully present so that you can be your clearest, most true self…

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What is Mindfulness and Why It Matters in Your Business

In this video blog post, we look at what is mindfulness and why it matters for small business owners, coaches, healers, yoga teachers, change agents and heart-centred entrepreneurs. If you want to make a difference in the world through your life and work, then please watch the video to learn about mindfulness practices that will…

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