Why I Meditate


I believe that self-care is the most important ingredient to a happy and fulfilled life. Further, my favorite self-care practice is meditation.My meditation practice has changed my life. Similarly, a regular meditation practice has the potential to change your entire life, which of course includes your business.Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh constantly reminds us that, […]

Are You Wrong to Charge High Prices?


I spend a lot of my time exploring with my clients how they can charge premium prices for their services. Each time we raise the topic they have two primary concerns (maybe they sound familiar?)1) “But, Dharma, I don’t believe I’m worth it.” (This is either because they don’t think are good enough or, morally-speaking, they […]

Article About our School in Seven Days Newspaper


Last week, Vermont’s “Seven Days” newspaper ran a feature article about Dharma J and our school! The timing couldn’t be better as we also just launched our brand new website and brand new program, Rapid Client Enrollment! It feels great to be recognized for our contribution to the business community. It’s been quite the journey that […]