What Are You Really Sacrificing?


Here’s something that you probably don’t hear often enough: The gifts that you share with the world are priceless. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t charge the full value that your gifts provide. Often, when our heart-centered clients first enroll in our program, they come with the belief that they are not offering their services for money, but […]

Joslin Roderick: Client Case Study, Deep Dive Video


I am truly touched and honored to work with some amazing, heart-centered entrepreneurs! I am often so inspired by my clients and their life missions to make the world a better place through the vehicle of their business. One such client is Joslin Roderick. Joslin is the Owner & CEO of World Coffee-World Community™, which sells ethically-sourced […]

Can You Really Charge $2,500+ Per Client?


Can you really charge $2,500 – $5,000 or more per client? My honest answer: I don’t know.  That’s the truth. What I DO know is that it all depends on one thing: the best OUTCOME you provide for your clients. You know what I am talking about. We are talking about real RESULTS, real TRANSFORMATIONS for your clients…a […]