The Holistic School of Business, is pleased to announce a series of FREE speakers who will be teaching on a variety of holistic and business topics.

Each week will include the opportunity for group discussion and networking with peers.

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September 11, 2017
Jason Pugliese
Mindfulness Practices for Self Care & Life Balance

Come learn the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation so that you can live a more balanced, fulfilled, and joyful life. We will explore specific mindfulness practices that you can immediately incorporate into your everyday life. Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, this workshop will help you live more deeply in the present moment and take optimal care of yourself.

About Jason +

Jason Pugliese is the President and Founder of the Holistic School of Business, and has been teaching mindfulness meditation for over 15 years.

September 18, 2017
Lucinda Newman
Awakening Creativity in Your Life and Your Work

This workshop will provide specific tools and practices to help you unleash your creative brilliance! We will look at the most common mistakes that could be blocking you from expressing your creativity, and then explore specific practices that immediately “prime the pump” of your creative brilliance. You’ll come away with a step-by-step action plan to immediately unbridle your creative brilliance and support you in transforming your creativity to productivity.

About Lucinda +

Lucinda Newman is a Business Coach and the Director of Enrollment at Holistic School of Business. Her intention is to empower and motivate you to have work and create a business that supports the life you imagine.

September 25, 2017
Andrea Thibaudeau
Live Like a Yogi : Habits for Increased Freedom & Joy

Learn Ayurvedic and yogic practices to establish nourishing, balancing, daily routines to set the foundation for your most amazing Life. You'll come away with practical and effective ways to ground and stabilize your health on physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels. Come to this talk and learn habits to help you THRIVE!

About Andrea +

Andrea Thibaudeau has been the Owner/Director of Heart Space Yoga Center/ School for the past 10 years. She is a certified Ayurvedic Yoga Health Coach and 500 Hour Master Teacher who is joyfully committed to helping others heal their bodies and reveal their gifts!

October 2, 2017
Nancy Mariott
Birthing Books That Make a Difference: Become a Freelance Editor, Ghostwriter, and Coach for Holistic Books.

In this 45 minute workshop, I will first give an overview of the freelance book service business, focusing on the demand in today’s publishing marketplace for transformational/holistic books. A brief assessment helps participants orient to what it takes (Handout/Discussion) in both artistic and entrepreneurial skill to be successful. The rest of the workshop focuses on the art and craft of shaping language and content to best express holistic ideas and practices—skills that writers, authors and editors can all benefit from learning.

About Nancy +

Nancy Marriott has been a freelance book editor/ghostwriter/coach since 1996 when she teamed with Dr. Candace Pert as writer for Molecules of Emotion, a perennial bestseller that established the science behind the mind-body connection. A former college writing instructor and published author herself, she specializes in helping authors write books that have transformational impact and is currently developing an online curriculum to train book editors to do the same.

October 9, 2017
Sherri Glebus
The Power of Prayer, Mantras, and Intention-setting

Never underestimate the power of prayer and Intention-setting to shift your perspective and situation, and bestow Blessings of relief, healing and good fortune. You don't need to be religious or believe in a deity to put this power into practice and this workshop will show you how. Learn different types of prayer, how to use mantras and set intentions that bring results.

About Sherri +

Sherri Glebus, M.A. is a Spiritual Life Guide and Intuitive Tarot Counselor. She works on the soul level with her clients to empower them through times of transition.

October 16, 2017
Jason Pugliese
How to Use Your Website to Grow Your Heart-Centered Business

The web can be a confusing place, especially if you’re a heart-centered entreprepreneur. This workshop will help you cut through all noise and learn the fundamentals of how to create a website that connects with your ideal customers on a heart level, builds trust, and inspires them to want to work with you. You'll come away with practical steps on how to build a website, or improve an existing one, so that you can serve more people, make more money, and make a greater difference in your community and in the world.

About Jason +

Jason is an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, author, and educator who lives in Montpelier, Vermont. He is passionate about helping Vermonters build thriving businesses that make a difference.

October 23, 2017
Jo Romano
How to Grow Yourself & Your Team: A Workshop for Managers and Solo-Entrepreneurs

Come learn the 3 critical steps to building a successful team. Regardless of whether you are a business owner OR a manager of a larger company, you will learn the funamentals of how to grow a successful team that creates a positive, happy, healthy, and thriving work environment that will optimize your success. It's ideal if you are creating a new team, OR transforming an existing one.

About Jo +

Jo believes that each of us has an innate health, wisdom and ability to find our own solutions through self-discovery, setting a clear focus and vision, and following through with goal planning. Her approach uses professional coaching principles and practices to support people in creating the life and work they love.

October 30, 2017
Kristen Aja
The Path to Success for Those in Recovery: How to Get on Track with Fulfilling Work

This workshop is ideal if you are want to get on track in your career when you are in recovery from addiction, domestic violence, or any other life hardship that feels like it's holding you back. Whether you are seeking new employment, or growing/starting a business, you will learn how to create fulfilling and successful work in your life, in a confidential environment, regardless of your life circumstances.

About Kristen +

Kristen Aja is a Carreer Coach at the Holistic School of Business who helps her clients find work that is fulfilling and enjoyable.

November 6, 2017
Callie Pegeus
Transforming Challenging Emotions: An Ancient Yogic Practice for Women

Women's emotions are the key to their transformation. Using ancient moon center technology that's rooted in yogic principles, you'll learn how to transition from emotional commotion to devotion and spiritual connection. From feeling 'victimized by what life does to us' to open hearted, clear and serving our lives purpose!

About Callie +

Callie Pegues is a Kundalini yoga & meditation instructor of 7 years, a natural healer, Reiki master and advocate for women's transformation. Through her life's work, she provides women with tools that transform and empower themselves to create greater peace, love, cooperation, and balance in their lives.

November 13, 2017
Linda Cannon-Huffman
Peaceful Death Planning: Spiritual & Practical Tools to Prepare for Life’s Final Transition

Preparing for a peaceful death is a life enriching exercise that carries extraordinary benefits for yourself and your loved ones. Practical and spiritual options will be offered to help guide you through this important work.

About Linda +

After receiving a Masters Degree in Public Health, Health Education, and personal experiences with the death of loved ones, Linda began her study as an end of life care giver. This interest led her to research transition beliefs and customs from Western, Eastern and Shamanic perspectives. She is a Conscious Dying Guide and is honored to offer her experience for this sacred process.

November 20, 2017, 5pm - 7pm
Celebration of Gratitude & Open House:
A Community Gathering to Honor the Powerful Energy of Gratitude!

Please note that this event starts at 5pm, which is earlier than the normal start-time for our Monday events!

Please join us at The Holistic School of Business for our Open House and Celebration of Gratitude the Monday before Thanksgiving Day.

You’ll enjoy refreshments offered by the school, along with a guided meditation on Gratitude to ease into the holiday season. The intention of the meditation is to cultivate the energy of peace, joy, and celebration that the holiday season is intended for!

You’ll also have an opportunity to meet the coaches from our school and to learn how our programs can help you grow a successful business that makes a difference in our highly-confused world.

We hope that you are able to attend and CELEBRATE the season of gratitude and giving with us!

November 27, 2017
Eric Noel
Finding & Living Your Truth: Awaken the Power of Your True Self to Live the Life You Want

Are you feeling like you were meant to do more and that time is running out? This workshop is an introduction to connecting to who you truly are and what you desire to do with your life, no holds barred. This will be an interactive event with simple techniques that you can use to immediately clear the stress, anxiety and negative emotions and begin to connect with YOU.

About Eric +

Eric is a coach, consultant, speaker, and entrepreneur. He is extremely devoted to finding the truth in all things. His desire is to guide people to connect with their true self so they can live life as they truly desire and be a beacon for others on the path to awakening. Eric lives in South Hero with his wife and two children.

CANCELLED - December 4, 2017
Lydia Lowery Busler
Taking the Stage with Joy and Confidence: A Workshop for Artists, Speakers, Musicians, and other Creative Professionals

In this workshop, you'll learn to identify any barriers to joy in your life and learn ways to rekindle that spark of light for your audience! You'll come away with three quick and easy tips to transform last minute panic attacks!

About Lydia +

LYDIA LOWERY BUSLER is a performer, composer, creator, and clinician residing in Vermont whose influence reaches around the globe. Lydia is a Siegfried's Call Artist and a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon, named to the International ACME Hall of Fame of Esteemed Artists, Composers, Musicologists, and Educators for her outstanding credentials as a composer, performing artist, and clinician in the United States and abroad.

December 11, 2017
Allison Jacob
Nutritional Wisdom to Optimize Fertility

Learn the basic principles of Chinese dietetics and simple nutritional pearls you can use to optimize your body for pregnancy. Chinese medicine is an ancient system of healing that encompasses the whole person, including what you eat! Chinese dietary therapy is rooted in the elements and can be a simple way to fine-tune your wellness for womb care.

About Allison +

Allison Jacob MSOM, LAc is a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist practicing in Waterbury, VT. Allison specialties include women's health, chronic pain and headaches. For more information go to

CANCELLED - December 18, 2017
Laurie Farrington
Understanding Yourself Through Astrology: How to Use the Astrological Signs to Live a More Authentic, Fulfilling Life

You already know your Sun Sign; you know you are an Aries or a Libra, a Scorpio or a Taurus. But did you know that you have every sign influencing some sector of your life? The ability to see what area of your life expresses each of the 12 archetypes will transform your perception of yourself and those you love. With this understanding you will build bridges of insight in all your relationships.

About Laurie +

I am an astrologer, entrepreneur, and business coach with a deep passion for helping others find a path to the life they long to create. My goal is to enable each of my clients to see themselves from a new perspective, to empower them in the exploration and transformation of their lives, their relationships, and their businesses.

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