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At The Holistic School of Business we are passionate about helping our clients build a consistent, reliable income doing work they love. We offer business coaching, online courses, and professional marketing services. Distance learning and local (Montpelier) options are available.

Lucinda Newman

I am a consultant, teacher and coach for personal and professional development, and a veteran at helping entrepreneurs break through to their next level of success. My primary focus is to support others on a journey of self-leadership.

My passion is leadership in action, blending conceptual learning, concrete action steps and somatic (mind/body/spirit) activities. I have helped hundreds of individuals, managers, groups and teams to reach higher levels of performance and find increased job satisfaction, personal growth and satisfying career development.

I also run my own business, Horses and Pathfinders, offering equine-guided education to groups and individuals, as well as a consulting service focused on organizational and funding development.

I have a master’s degree from Vermont Law School and serve on the faculty at Vermont Technical College. My experience includes service as a credit and financial counselor and retail and service business development specialist for Capstone Community Action. I’ve been working with Jason Pugliese at Holistic School of Business since 2013.

Learn more about me at www.horsesandpathfinders.com.

Josephine Romano

With over 35 years of experience, I have a deep passion and knack for motivating and guiding entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, managers, supervisors and their teams, lawyers, parents, and fellow coaches.

I am a certified professional and life coach from The Coaching Institute, a Dale Carnegie of Vermont associate, a nationally certified substance abuse prevention and recovery specialist, a certified teacher in adult dialogue education with Global Learning Partners and an advocate of health realization.

My goal is to inspire people to use their strengths, resilience and innate wisdom, and to lead with integrity and excellence. I have a consistent record of achieving top performance through innovative, collaborative and research-based practices resulting in highly positive, highly productive businesses and organizational learning.

You can learn more about me by visiting my website at www.greenmountainlifecoach.com

Laurie Farrington

I am an entrepreneur, astrologer and educator who lives in the backwoods of Vermont. I am the owner of Astrolore, an astrological service business with local and international clients. I maintain an office in St. Albans where I meet with clients. Most of my consultations and teaching, however, are done on Skype.

I began my study of astrology at the age of 15 and have never lost my love for this powerful transformative language. I always knew that astrology would be my retirement plan. However, I did not understand how much I would need to learn about business.

I have worked with Jason Pugliese’s Holistic School of Business for several years, and, with his help, have developed my expertise and ideas into a profitable and successful business.

Many of my clients dream of making a living doing what they love. My astrological knowledge and business understanding form an unbeatable combination in helping clients build their dreams! Together we can work with personal strengths and challenges and find the best timing for business success.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to help clients bring their business dreams to life.

Learn more about me at www.astrolore.org.

Diana J. Sheltra

Diana J. Sheltra, Enrolled Agent, owns and operates Sheltra Tax & Accounting, LLC. Diana provides accounting, bookkeeping and QuickBooks training as well as tax preparation and resolution services. She is an Advanced QuickBooks Pro Advisor for the desktop and online versions. Diana is a NTPI® Fellow for tax representation.

Diana opened Sheltra Tax & Accounting, LLC in August of 2002 in Essex Junction and has worked in the tax and accounting field for over thirty years. Diana became an Enrolled Agent April 2014. She has a bachelor’s degree in management from St. John’s University and an associate degree in accounting from Champlain College.

Diana worked in Manhattan for 15 years for various corporate firms. She worked as a statistical clerk for Ziff Davis Publishing and at The American Forest Paper Association as a statistical analyst as well as an event coordinator for the Specialty Papers Division. She coordinated meetings with executives of large paper companies across the country.

When she moved to Vermont she worked for a large CPA firm as an office manager. After that she worked as an Accountant at Brueggar’s Bagels.

In 2011 she joined a tax board as Vice President and Education Chair. She was elected president in 2014 where she served as the President of the Vermont Chapter of National Association of Tax Professionals (VTNATP). When her term was up, she was then tasked to serve on the Education Committee as well as the Communications Committee until recently.

Diana lives in Essex, VT with her husband Tom and her two cat, Nicky and Lexi.

Jason Pugliese

I’m an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, author, and educator who lives in Montpelier, Vermont. I’m passionate about helping Vermonters build thriving businesses that make a difference.

Why is this my passion? Because I have faced significant financial struggles, and now own a thriving business doing only work that I love while making a difference in the lives of others. And, if I can make these kind of changes in my life, I know that you can too. So, my mission in life is now to help you build a thriving business that makes a difference, just as I have done!

Please follow this link to read my complete bio.

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