A full day, live workshop with Holistic School of Business President and Founder Jason Pugliese in Montpelier

This live, in-person, full-day immersion is led by our school’s founder and president, Jason Pugliese. In this workshop you will learn specific practices that will benefit your business and your life. It features a guided, self-discovery meditation and visioning process that is intended to guide you through deeper parts of yourself. You will clarify your life purpose and vision, and you will learn action steps you can take to bring that purpose and vision to life in your work.

This workshop is an in-person, one day, workshop in Montpelier. VT.

This workshop comes included if you are enrolled in a Holistic School of Business program; however, you will still need to register.

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In The Workshop You Will Receive:

  • A beautiful self-discovery process.
  • A guided meditation and visioning process that’s intended to guide you to deeper parts of yourself.  Even though the visioning process is an ancient practice, it’s used by many modern-day coaches to help guide their clients to deeper parts of themselves. The visioning process can be life changing and powerful for everyone.
  • Practices to Awaken Your Full Potential (see details below).

Practices to Awaken Your Full Potential

The journey of entrepreneurship can often be fraught with stress, fear, and overwhelm. Below you will find specific practices with valuable lessons to help you overcome these challenges and master your own personal life. At the Holistic School of Business, we call these “Practices to Awaken Your Full Potential” and they are taught in our “Personal Mastery” curriculum. With an emphasis on self-care and the specific Practices to Awaken Your Full Potential, our programs can help you to integrate the school's holistic, personal development approach into your everyday life. In the AYFP Workshop, you will be introduced to each of these practices, PLUS, you will receive a workbook to take home for self-study.

Sherri Glebus

"I expected the workshop to be an introduction to the program and the other participants, as well as some visioning/goal-setting and meditation/visualization. While it did include these things, it also exceeded my expectations as it actually turned out to be a transformative experience!

I left the session feeling not just restored, but more myself. I felt elated, passionate and more confident. I had a broader vision of myself, my life and my calling. I felt distilled down to my true essence and free to take my place as a self-actualized human.

This session would particularly benefit anyone who is committed to living an authentic life (including through their work) and has perhaps struggled with doubts and fears or been mired down in the everyday details and struggles of manifesting their calling.

This session will provide support from other like-souls and a sense of freedom from struggle."

Sherri Glebus, Spiritual Guide & Tarot Counselor

Being Fully Present & Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Being fully present is foundational to the process of transformation. The more you let go of the past and the future, the deeper you will be able to enter into the infinite nature of the present moment. You must be fully present in order to access the awakened luminosity at the essence of any spiritual teaching. This practice features mindfulness meditation instruction, along with content, resources, and exercises to deepen (or develop) a regular meditation practice that will benefit all areas of your life.

Live Your Life's Purpose

Every human being has a unique purpose for being alive – including you! When you live on purpose, you are aware of – and live – your unique purpose, which brings forth great joy, peace, love, compassion, and personal fulfillment. Living in daily, direct connection with your unique calling is essential to success. This practice will help you to write a brief and succinct life purpose statement and to come into deeper alignment with the very reason why you are here on this planet.

Focus on Joy & Life Balance

To be successful in business, you must have regular self-care practices to help you remain balanced, fulfilled, and happy. This part of the workshop will help you identify and get clear on how to restore balance on any areas of your life that are out of balance. You will learn how to create a business with greater balance and ease.

Consciously Create

This is the timeless Universal Law of Attraction – you receive back the energies that you send. The conscious creation process works with the energies of intentioning, trust, and receiving: you intention what you want to manifest, then trust that it will manifest, and then you receive the creation. In this practice, you will learn new tools to help you overcome obstacles to success AND access your own unique power. From this powerful place, you become confident in your ability to create the business and the life you want.

The Details

Where: 27 State Street, Montpelier, VT. Conveniently located right on the 3rd floor above Capitol Grounds Coffeehouse!


Live, Full Day Workshop
January 3, 2018, 9a.m. to 5 p.m.

Follow Up Webinar (this is an important follow-up to the full-day workshop):
January 17, 2018 at 10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m

Space is limited to ensure intimacy in the workshop, so we urge you to register right away!  New workshop dates will be announced after the following workshops dates are full.

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The Follow Up AYFP Webinar

The online Follow Up Webinar is an important part of the AYFP workshop. It continues the work of Conscious Creation, which is the forth practice to awaken your full potential. You will use the Universal Law of Attraction to release your life intentions and life purpose out into the universe so that they can become fully manifest in your lifetime!

“I now have better sense of connection to my true self and what my life purpose is. I have a better sense of how the structure of what I’m doing will work, how to ground it and pull the pieces together. I have a better sense of organization, which I really need.

One of my writings that I am about to do is about building a scaffolding for Heaven on Earth, and before this workshop I really didn’t have any idea what the scaffolding was, but I have a better idea now. This workshop has allowed me to build all those areas.

I’ll be interested to see in three weeks where I’ve gone with it but I suspect that things are going to move ahead much more quickly now that I have this basic underlying idea of how to put everything together. I had to do for my own life and once I do it for my own life then I have a much better idea for how to do out there for my business.”

Tanager Kastner Director of Heaven on Earth, Montpelier, VT

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Hi, I’m Jason Pugliese, founder and president of The Holistic School of Business and I am passionate about building thriving businesses that make a difference.

Why is this my passion? Because I have faced significant financial struggles myself, and I now own a thriving business doing only work that I love while making a difference in the lives of others. And, if I can make these kind of changes in my life, I know that you can, too. So, my mission in life is now to help you build a thriving business that makes a difference, just as I have done!

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